NDS Professional

Dairy ration balancing, analysis, and projections with NDS Professional CNCPS Software. Delivers the most accurate milk estimates for current diets and future predictions on diet changes.


CV Analytical Services

Forage and feed evaluations using Cumberland Valley Analytical Services. Probing of trenches and ag bags ahead of feeding. Forage inventory audits and feed-out planning.


Dairy Records Management Systems

PCDART record analysis for trouble shooting and measuring progress of herd goals.


TMR Audits

TMR Audits using X-NIR. Determines variation of moisture, crude protein, starch, fat, ash, ADF and NDF. 20 sets of 5 scans from the whole length of the feed bunk. 100 scans takes less than an hour with immediate results.


Legal Assistance

Legal assistance for gathering evidence with feed related lawsuits. Open to being called upon as a professional nutrition expert.